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Vaginal Flusher

Vaginal Flusher makes for easy cleaning of your sex dolls vagina after use.

Instructions for use:

Using a mild anti-bacterial soap, put a tsp of soap into the vaginal irrigator and fill with warm water. Shake gently to mix well.

Place your sex doll into an empty bathtub or lying down with a thick absorbent towel under her bottom.

Place the long narrow end of the vaginal irrigator into the full depth of your sex dolls vagina.

Then with your fingers holding the top of the bottle and your thumbs on the bottom of the bottle, gently squeeze collapsing the accordion ridges pushing the warm soapy water into the vagina, until all of the water is used and your dolls vagina is efficiently clean.

Repeat if necessary.

Empty irrigator and fill with clean water. Repeat process to rinse inside of the vagina.
Thoroughly dry your love dolls vaginal barrel.