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100 cm to 139 cm Sex Dolls

Shop sex dolls by height. Here you can find only dolls which are in the height range of 100 cm to 139 cm. All our love dolls are made with high-quality TPE material for ultimate satisfaction.

Our small sex dolls are perfect for those who want the sex doll experience but want a doll that is easier to handle and store. It gives you plenty of freedom to choose a comfortable position for sex. You can enjoy all the advantages of a full-size sex doll just in a smaller form.

✓ Premium Luxury Real Life Sex Doll! Medical-Grade, Non-Toxic & Phthalate-Free Materials. Metal skeleton and movable joints for many positions.
✓ Customize Your Sexy Sex Doll Options: such as hairstyle, skin color, eye color, pubic hair, vagina type and many more. If you want her to look like the pictures, just leave it as default, that’s it!
✓ Love Dolls Look 100% Like The Photos! The sexy real sex doll comes with hand-painted make-up and hairstyling that make them look like the one of your dream.
✓ Dedicated Inspection Team! We visually inspect every single real sex doll from head to toe before we give our approval for her to come home to you.
✓ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Your real doll ships only when you have seen and approved the completed doll pictures.
✓ Discreet Package & Discreet Billing! Order information is encrypted. Confidential parcel shipment. No product details on the parcel, just as a mysterious gift. Billing statement shows the charge is from "FD".
✓ Free Fast Shipping Worldwide! With DHL, UPS, FedEx, and special express delivery channels, it will be fast, stable, safe to arrive at your door.