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Sex Doll Manufacturer - WM Doll Jinsan

by Martin C 3 min read

Sex Doll Manufacturer - WM Doll Jinsan


We have been regularly meeting the manufacturers of the sex dolls that we've partnered with. The objective is simple: improve collaboration, refine and optimize checks for each of our orders, negotiate prices for our clients and obviously to get insight into the evolution of the latest trends, technology, and materials.



Each real doll manufacturer has its particularities, technical specificities, operating methods, materials. That is why we take the time to visit them, one by one, to have the best information possible to communicate with our clients.

Although each manufacturer wants to keep its manufacturing methods a secret, we have been able to take some shots to immerse you in the love doll manufacturing world.

In this article, let’s check out WM Doll’s factory - Jinsan.

Quick History

The company that manufactures the WM doll is Jinsan. At one point, the company used the brand name “完美娃娃” which translates to “perfect doll,” except that the while the first two characters mean “perfect,” they are being used as a proper name and are thus rendered phonetically, giving “Wan Mei Doll.” They abbreviated this to get “WM Doll.”

It was founded in 2005 as a producer of fiberglass mannequins. Sometime around 2010, it switched to producing TPE sex dolls. It is (I believe) the first sex doll manufacturer to use TPE instead of silicone.

Chest shaking


JINSAN also makes JS dolls, OR Dolls and YL dolls, plus dolls under license for many other resellers and brands, as exclusives.


The reason WM stands out impressively are due to the following reasons:

● The first sex doll manufacturer to use TPE to replace silicone, successfully cut down 2/3 of the cost
● Superb doll quality
● Highly realistic dolls faces

Due to the above reasons, WM is the market leader and they have rich resources to work on R&D to keep improving their dolls.

sex doll Dynamic display

Dolls are like human beings. It also has a skeleton, muscle, and skin.

During the design and producing, they insist on two principles: first, realistic; second, aestheticism. In order to maximize the simulation effect, we adopt true-human model duplicating her hands and feet. Greatly improved the simulation. Combines beauty model's golden ratio size, structure and artistic processing by designers. Finally, we got both a high degree of simulation and beautiful realistic doll.


Making a model


The skeleton is also an important part of dolls. In order to ensure materials are durable, we use stainless steel. She can act like a real female thanks to the different turning joints.

Not only She can easily move, but also to maintain a posture without a rebound. The role of each joint is not the same. The friction, steering, strength, endurance of each are different.


sex doll Physical activity sex doll Physical activity

sex doll Physical activity 


The WM Doll Showroom



Skeleton manufacturing area
Skeleton shaping and binding area


Skeleton processing


Sex doll heads in production


heads in production


body in production

body in production


Sex doll makeup area
Doll Makeup Artist


Head makeup

sex doll Makeup effect display


Storage and warehousing

Ready Dolls Waiting to Be Shipped Out



Non-qualified doll area

We control the quality of every single sex doll. The dolls won't be packed to get ready for shipping until they are thoroughly inspected. The defective will go to the non-conforming area and be destroyed.


Destruction area


Fairdolls always makes the very best of ourselves to provide the best sex dolls. Whatever makes it perfect for you, we will do.


Martin C
Martin C