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How Do We Guarantee The Quality Of Sex Dolls

by Martin C 4 min read

How Do We Guarantee The Quality Of Sex Dolls

Table of Contents

1. Only Partner with High-quality doll Brands and Manufacturers.
2. 6 Key Differences Between Genuine Dolls and Fake Dolls
3. Dedicated inspection team Inspects the Doll from Head to Toe
4. Your Doll Ships Only When You Have Seen and Approved the Completed Doll Pictures.

1. We Only Partner With High-quality Doll Brands And Manufacturers.

FairDolls is an Authorized Seller of Premium Real Sex Dolls.

We carefully vet and select our manufacturers and brands and only allow brands that have a spotless track record of high quality, customer satisfaction and manufacturing practices to partner with us.

Trustworthy sex doll brands have their own original body and face designs. The pictures presented show the dolls as they really are. If you buy from these brands authorized vendor, you’ll get what you see in the pictures.

There are a lot of stories about people getting scammed or sent inferior black-market dolls on the internet. It can be a little scary to make such a big investment online and not being sure about the quality of the materials, workmanship and whether you'd receive the same exact doll as shown in the photos.


genuine doll V.S. fake doll

2. 6 Key Differences Between Genuine Dolls And Fake Dolls

Why the same model sex doll can be much less expensive elsewhere?! Too good to be true prices mean much high cost and endless trouble after you pay.

 Quality finishing & makeup

 Rough finishing & makeup


Premium medical grade material. Safe to use.

 Poor quality material with a strong chemical smell. Harmful to your health.


Harmful Smell

✓ Very detailed sexual areas

 Undetailed sexual areas


✓ More elastic to the touch (e.g. jiggly breasts)

 Shorter life of the TPE (Tendency to quickly rip, esp. the sexual areas)


inferior sex doll

✓ Solid articulated metal skeleton

 Flimsy metal skeleton


FairDolls metal skeleton

 Support from FD during the ENTIRE lifetime of your doll

 No support

We offer a guarantee on every doll or accessory purchased from us. We make a commitment to you that if there is a mistake with your order, any defects or any other problems, we will compensate, assist you in repair, or completely replace/return your doll.

Our TPE real dolls are made from high quality, long-lasting materials: TPE CyberSkin (derived from silicone) and a robust, modern, highly resistant metal skeleton.

3. Dedicated Inspection Team Inspects The Doll From Head To Toe

Our dedicated inspection team goes to the factory and personally inspects your real love doll from head to toe.


A manufacturing process is checked and validated manually for each unit. Each of the stages of manufacturing follows a very specific production protocol. The aim is to offer our clients the best on the market in terms of aesthetics, sensations, cost, and realism.

In this approach, we make a point of conducting a detailed and thorough quality control process of each model of love doll leaving the factory concerning:

>>The quality of the molding of the real doll

During this phase, everything is monitored. The TPE skin must be seamless, smooth, soft and regular. The hands and feet are carefully inspected. It should be said that the manufacturing process requires the skeleton to be attached and positioned: as a consequence, some small filling points can be seen which cannot be considered as a manufacturing defect. We are careful to make sure there are no bubbles or tears on the whole body.

>>The quality of the TPE skin in terms of elasticity, suppleness, and softness;

>>The realistic quality of the TPE love doll;

>>The way the TPE skin of the real doll adheres to the skeleton;

>>The quality of each articulation (neck, knee, elbow, wrist…) of the metal skeleton:

During this phase, everything is monitored. The articulations at the neck, wrists, knees, shoulders… are tested according to a complete test procedure, including validating the TPE molding and the arm articulation at the armpit level.


FairDolls Sex Doll Details Inspection

>>The quality of the fine details of the face (the eyes, mouth, eyelashes, eyebrows, ears…):

Monitor the face and compliance with the order.

A compliance check concludes the validation of the manufacturing process. We take care when checking compliance between the order and the model of love doll that has been produced.

We take advantage of this phase to check the fine details of the face (eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, ears, nose…) and its fixation on the body which has already been checked.


>>The quality of the fixations between the body and the face (head)

>>Checking for the real-life aspect and positioning of the love doll’s orifices.

During this phase, we are careful to ensure the positioning and alignment of the TPE love doll’s orifices (vagina/anus).

This quality/compliance check is carried out directly in the factory workshop once the TPE doll has been made. We validate each of the stages in order to keep a trace of each check.

4. Your Real Doll Ships Only When You Have Seen And Approved The Completed Doll Pictures.

We always send you photos of your doll before shipping, so you can verify that it has been made as you want and we don't ship until you give us the "OK".


We will send you a tracking number once your doll is shipped, and we use FedEx/DHL/UPS to speed up shipping and guarantee a safe delivery.

Martin C
Martin C